iOS 14.7 is now available for download. Compatible iPhones can install the new version of iOS immediately, which adds some cool improvements. These include support for the Battery Pack with MagSafe announced last week, the addition of air quality to Maps, and other changes. iPadOS 14.7, watchOS 7.6, and tvOS 14.7 are also available.

iOS 14.7 available for download with all these improvements

With the release of iOS 14.7, Apple is putting an end to the large intermediate versions of this operating system. We will surely see minor updates from here on out, fixing bugs and making small changes until the release of iOS 15. And maybe even beyond, as the company has become accustomed to lately.

The notes of this new version show some interesting news. For starters, iOS 14.7 is required to be able to use the Battery Pack with MagSafe. Keep in mind that it is only compatible with all four iPhone 12 models, as these are the only ones that have a MagSafe charging system.

The next most interesting improvement is the one that brings air quality to Maps. Spain is among the countries that receive it, along with Canada, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Korea. This feature is also built into the Weather app with iOS 15.

The other improvements are minor. Like the ability to combine credit limits between different family members with Apple Card, an option that is not available outside of the United States. The Home app now lets you control HomePod timers. And the podcast library lets you choose between watching all shows or just the ones we watch.

Solutions to probable bugs and security fixes

At the same time, iOS 14.7 incorporates fixes for common errors. Apple has provided a list of fixes for the following issues:

The button to share an Apple Music playlist may not appear. Some Apple Music playback in Dolby Atmos and lossless would stop. The battery replacement message may not appear when restarting an iPhone 11. Error that messages written with braille display showed wrong information when composing email.

These bugs have already been fixed. When it comes to security fixes, Apple hasn’t released any support documents yet. The company usually does this when a version of the software fixes them and the public version is already available.

This ensures that there is a solution to the security issue so that users can download it as soon as possible. Thus eliminating the risks for your devices. Finally, it should be remembered that Apple has made security updates independent of those of the system, a way to push the latest measures to the user.