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Question after question: join the puzzle! (dpa)

On August 22, 1485, Richard III found. (“A kingdom for a horse!”) Its end – and with it the 30 years of the “Wars of the Roses” between the English noble houses of Lancaster and York. This is why the roses are this time the central theme of the show.

We are looking for a name with two syllables and seven letters.

1 question
The first roses of the program bloom in Iran: “Les Roses d’Ispahan” is a song from the “Four Melodies” of 1884. Its composer was a contemporary of Claude Debussy, both wrote a piece of music called “Clair de Lune” . The wanted man’s teacher was Camille Saint-Saëns, and one of his students was Maurice Ravel. The most famous song by the sought-after composer is probably “After a Dream”. The first letter of his first name marks the beginning of the word puzzle he is looking for this time.

2nd question
Singer Warda al-Jaza’iriya, or “Warda, the Algerian” is best known simply as “Warda”. And it means in German: Rose. He can be heard on the show with “El Baghbaghan”, a song about a parrot. The related question is geographic – what collective term is used to describe North African states like Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco? The second letter of this name is also the second of the riddle word you are looking for this time.

3rd question
Jack Finey was the stage name of Jakob Frerian Christian Schreuder, a Dutch singer who sang with an American accent in Germany. In 1960, he recorded the rock hit “Schade um die Rosen”, which was later performed by Die Toten Hosen under the pseudonym “Die Roten Rosen”. And what are the fruits of the roses called? Strictly speaking, they are collective fruits with small nuts. Please write down two letters of your name – the seventh and the eighth.

4th question
For music number four, we are looking for the voice-over of Bertolt Brecht’s poem “Le buisson a sept roses”. You will find the letter you are looking for in their first name in the third position and in their last name in the sixth position. He worked with Brecht for 14 years and wrote, among other things, the music for “Mother Courage and Her Children”. The song can be heard twice on the show – once in German by Gisela May and then in Italian by Milva.

5th question
The song “Misty Roses” appeared in 1966 on the debut album by a very successful, but now somewhat forgotten, American songwriter. The man even appeared in Woodstock – but his appearance was not seen in the movie. He wrote songs like “If I Were A Carpenter” or “Reason To Believe” and could have lived well on royalties had he not died of a heroin overdose on December 29, 1980 at the age of. 39 years old. The last letter of the artist’s last name is solution-oriented.

6th question
We are looking for an actress for the last song. In 2013, she starred in the movie “Can A Song Save Your Life?”, In which she sang the song “Coming Up Roses”. She also played Elizabeth Bennet in the remake of “Pride and Prejudice”; she reached her greatest fame as the daughter of Governor Elizabeth Swann in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” films. The fourth letter of his last name – with which we return, so to speak, about the medieval wars of the roses – concludes the riddle we were looking for this time.

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