Professionally, actress Katrin Sass is regularly on Usedom – when it’s cold. Summer vacation on the island is not for them. She prefers to stay in Berlin.

Heringsdorf (dpa) – Actress Katrin Sass regularly shoots the crime thriller Usedom on the Baltic Sea island in the northeast, but can’t imagine a summer vacation there. “Go on vacation – I can’t do that,” the 64-year-old told the German news agency.

She is fascinated by the island. But it’s too full in summer. Sass prefers to take a vacation on his doorstep in Berlin’s bacon belt. There she has water and her boat in front of the door.

For the hit Thursday series, in which up to seven million viewers tune in, Sass is regularly in front of the camera as former prosecutor Karin Lossow on Usedom – but starting in November. “It’s cold, which I can’t stand at all.” For them, life only starts at 28 degrees. But the shooting is much more relaxed on the island during the cold season. “So there is a wonderful calm.” In addition, the sparse images were part of the concept of the detective series.

On Thursday, Sass was exceptionally on the island in the summer – for the preliminary premiere of a new episode as part of the Usedom film summer in Heringsdorf. In the episode, which is due to air on ARD in November, Commissioner Ellen Norgaard’s one-year-old son (Rikke Lylloff) is kidnapped by an old friend of Lossov’s.

“My favorite beach has always been Warnemünde. Until I got to know Usedom during the filming, which I like a lot ever since, ”revealed Sass, who comes from Schwerin and went to drama school in Rostock. She didn’t want to rule out the possibility that Sass, like fictional character Karin Lossow, would one day return to Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. “I thought about it too, but I haven’t finished thinking about it yet.”

The coronavirus made filming difficult, as Sass describes it: Early in the morning, before the first coffee, you have a wand down your throat to test it. You also had to wear a mask during rehearsals. But that’s complaining at a very high level. “There are people who no longer have or did not have a job. We were doing pretty well there. “