Berlin (dpa) – This has probably never happened before: “For the first time on German television there is a unique premiere of Europe’s most successful artist on seven television channels”, announced Universal Music in a press release on the new song “Vamos a Marte” (translated: “Fly to Mars”) by German pop star Helene Fischer, who this time sings a duet with Luis Fonsi.

It starts this Friday on RTL around 6:40 p.m., Vox, RTLplus and VOXup as well as ntv, Nitro and Super RTL also want to broadcast the song. The song’s premiere was of course also announced for YouTube at 6:45 p.m.

Queen of Pop Fischer had given a taste of fanatical communication on Instagram by all the rules. “I can’t take it anymore,” she wrote a few days earlier. You can hardly wait to present the song yourself.

In the clip of the pop song on Instagram, to a dance beat reminiscent of Jennifer Lopez’s 2011 hit “On The Floor”, the singer’s following lines could be heard: “Vamos a Marte, we speak only one language . You feel what I’m saying. You read my body – not words. In the video, Fischer wears a sequined crop top with shoulder pads, a ponytail and large hoops with rhinestones with black Marlene pants.

New look, new music, well rested – that’s how the singer presents herself. The singer also announced a new album. It will be her “most personal of all time,” she said.

Luis Fonsi, who landed one of the biggest summer hits in history with “Despacito” in 2017, got to know Helene Fischer from Echo 2018 when they both sang “Échame La Culpa” there. In December 2018, they also sang a duet on ZDF at Hélène Fischer’s Christmas show “Despacito”.

Fonsi is ecstatic about this collaboration: “It is a great honor for me to be able to record” Vamos a Marte “with the unique Helene Fischer.” And it’s extremely exciting to sing a song in German and Spanish.

Universal Music already considers Fischer’s return duo a “summer 2021 hit”. But GfK Entertainment, as an investigator for the official German charts, actually sets some criteria for a typical summer hit. This includes a catchy melody, simple text, and a rhythm that is easy to dance to. Who matches.

Additionally, the summer hit is expected to reach a high position in the official German charts (it usually ends up at number 1) – that should happen as well.

But the hit artist of the summer is usually an artist who hasn’t had much chart success before, and the song is coming to Germany from the holiday regions. As queen of the charts, Helene Fischer does not meet these criteria in any way.

The singer went into hiding for a long time. Many fans have given him the break and of course his not-so-new private bliss with his new partner instead of his longtime friend Florian Silbereisen.

However, there have also been complaints online that Helen did not sufficiently report the Corona crisis and barely communicate unlike other stars. And now should everyone celebrate their comeback again?

Fischer (“Atemlos”) announced the new song in July: “On August 6, 2021, we’re finally going to start!” By the way, it’s a day after his 37th birthday and two days after Silbereisen’s 40th birthday.

Fischer is giving himself his new song, so to speak, and the much acclaimed return to the multimedia music business.

Meanwhile, Silbereisen is working on an ARD TV show that will air on August 14 the first. The venue and the guests of the show have not yet been definitively specified a week in advance.

The question of whether Helene Fischer even appears, so no.