New York: Telecom giants AT&T and Verizon have agreed not to launch Five-G at some airports, disrupting flights due to the launch of Five-G in the US, but have also strictly stated that if What will happen in America if Five-G is successfully launched in America? 20 countries. fallen.

Expressing disappointment over the performance of the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), the telecom company said that if governments of 40 countries can launch Five-G without any harm to their airlines, then why do we need such a situation.

These companies expressed disappointment at the FAA’s performance. “The FAA could have taken the matter to us earlier,” the company said. The FAA had details of at least 40 countries successfully conducting Five-G, but even with their guidance, the FAA or the government could draw up a roadmap for Five-G. The Biden administration has welcomed the company’s decision not to install five-G towers or C-band towers near the airport.