Interesting information continues to emerge thanks to emails from the legal battle between Apple and Epic Games. One of them, sent by Steve Jobs himself, shows the company’s internal plans to launch, among other things, an “iPhone nano”: a low-cost iPhone based on the iPod touch.

The iPhone nano that never saw the light of day

In one of the now public emails after the Epic Games and Apple case, evidence was found regarding an iPhone nano that never saw the light of day. Concretely, this is an email sent by Steve Jobs in October 2010 with the roadmap for 2011.

IPhone nano would be Apple’s economic hobbyhorse, based on iPod touch to replace iPhone 3GS

The plan was ambitious: to focus on the post-PC era and focus on thinner and lighter mobiles, applications and cloud services. To meet these goals, they came up with a plan to create an iPhone nano. According to the letter, it would be a low-cost device based on the iPod touch, to replace the iPhone 3GS.

In addition to this device, the letter shows the idea of ​​presenting an iPhone 4 Plus with better antennas, processor, camera and software than all its competitors, although the nomenclature “Plus” did not end up seeing the light of day until ‘in 2014, with the iPhone 6 Plus. Two Nano and Plus devices that never saw the light of day, but were on Apple’s roadmap in 2010.

Although it did not have that family, Apple has managed to delight lovers of the small format with the iPhone 12 mini, the smallest high-end proposition in the entire market. Likewise, remember that there are currently images of a possible iPod Touch 5 with an iPhone 12 design and that it was renewed just two years ago with more power than ever.