New Delhi, 30 July 2021 Friday

Steve Jobs, the founder of technology giant Apple, has been an inspiration to many. There are many books about Steve Jobs in the market. Many of you may know a lot about Steve Jobs, but very few people know that Steve Jobs applied for his job.

Steve Jobs applied for the job in 1973 and now his resume has been sold for Rs 3,43,00 or about Rs 2.5 crore. Steve Jobs was 18 when he applied for the job. Several reports have also claimed that this was the first and last application made by Jobseek Jobs.

The petition also bears the signature of Steve Jobs. In his application, Jobs stated that he had a driving license but did not have a phone number at the time. The job application forms were auctioned in early March this year for Rs 1.7 crore. It was first auctioned in 2017.

The job application form is uploaded on the auction website in which they have filled computer and calculator as skill. In addition, he was interested in designing and technology. Steve Jobs’ job application has also been auctioned digitally, costing Rs 23,000 or about Rs 17,10,637, which is much less than the original copy.