California, Ta. 20
Elon Musk’s company SpaceX launched Starlink’s project to provide fast internet to the world, under which about 1500 Starlink satellites have been launched.
The University of South Upton conducted a study on the matter, which claimed that Starlink satellites launched to provide fast internet to the world are now causing trouble in space. The probability of it colliding with other objects or any satellite increases greatly.
A university study found that the Starlink satellites avoided collisions about 1,200 times a week. Often Starlink with some other object would come close to a kilometer. The Starlink satellite is involved in half the incidents of two objects colliding in space. This means that all other objects are at double risk of colliding with the Starlink satellite.
It is estimated that about 1,200 Starlink collisions occur every week. Similarly, Britain’s 20 OneWeb satellites encounter another object 20 times a week.
Significantly, Elon Musk started the Starlink project as part of the project to provide fast internet to the world. Around 15,000 satellites are planned to be launched under this project.