London: Freddie Beckett, a resident of London in the UK, earns Rs 15,000 a day by standing in line on behalf of the rich. Beckett charges so much for standing in line on behalf of the rich that he earns Rs 16,000 or Rs 160 per day.

He is standing in line on behalf of the rich. They have money but no time to stand in line. Its clients include pensioners with families with children. She stands in line for shopping, tickets to exhibitions, museums, movies and shows on her behalf. He considers standing in line like this a beautiful art and says that there is no such thing, it requires a lot of patience.

She works eight hours a day. It also stands in line of shows for hugely popular performances such as the Apollo Theatre. “During Christine Dior performances, I often stand in line for eight hours for those entering their sixties,” he said. This type of line is usually three hours long, but the people who hire me pay a little extra to stand up and even visit the museum in pairs.

However, it is very difficult to stand in the cold. This is the most difficult time of the operation. Also, it is difficult to stand in the hot summer. London is a city full of big events and exhibitions. This type of planning continues throughout the year.

Beckett is a writer by profession. This type of work makes it convenient for him to write. She can also spend ample time with friends and relatives.