Everything seems to indicate that the future Apple Watch Series 7 will feature a very significant design change compared to the watches we all wear on the wrist today. According to renderings released by 91mobiles, the new Apple Watch could have a square-edged design and an increase in its screen size.

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When the rumor sphere rings …

This is the second or third time we’ve heard of a design change on the Apple Watch. A design change that would take a lot of the presentation of the iPhone 12 and its square edges and also be inspired by the design we hope to see in future 14in and 16in MacBook Pros. A design that would also increase the size of the screen. As Jon Prosser announced several weeks ago, it looks like this could be the design of the new Apple Watch.

That’s what the renderings published on 91mobiles based on leaked CAD drawings make us think, at least. The new Apple Watch, which will keep the same sensor setup at the bottom, will have much larger speakers that will extend their opening across the entire side of the watch.

Similar design to the iPhone 12, more screen and better speakers.

Although the Home button and the digital crown show little change, we see in the images that the latter is much less prominent compared to the body of the watch. The watch case would remain at 40 and 44 millimeters, although the new screen shrinks its bezels, thereby increasing in size.

Based on the measurements, the 44mm model’s screen would drop from 1.73 inches to 1.8. We do not have measurements for the 40mm model, although a similar increase is expected. In terms of thickness, this new Apple Watch would be 1.7mm thinner than the current Series 6, which should make it noticeably more comfortable on the wrist, while Mark Gurman said he expects changes. in the design of the Apple Watch, of which Jon Prosser presented very similar renderings a few months ago and the information provided today by 91mobiles, the truth is that the possibilities of a redesign in the future Apple Watch are more strong than ever.

This would undoubtedly be the biggest design change for the Apple Watch since its launch. In its evolution so far we have seen changes in the distribution of the sensors, an increase in size, but with the Apple Watch Series 7 we would be talking about a major overhaul of the body of the same watch. A watch which, if all goes as planned, should be presented in about a month.