Yesterday, we learned of Microsoft’s intention to relaunch Clippy through a social media survey if there were over 20,000 “likes” and that amount went up in less than a day. But longtime Microsoft assistants won’t be the only ones going through operating rooms, as the company redesigns more than 1,800 of its emojis and icons for Windows, Microsoft 365, Office or Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft is approaching a profound change in many of the icons that we have seen so far on its various platforms. In flat shapes we now have raised characters where 3D is the protagonist. New emojis that start their new journey now.

Adapted to new times

There will be around 1,800 emojis that will be redesigned and among them, 900 will have animations in Microsoft Teams. Claire Anderson, the person in charge of overseeing the process, says the change is a tribute to Skype, an app we remember, giving way in Windows 11 to Microsoft Teams.

In a statement announcing the changes, Anderson said that “as the world moves towards hybrid work scenarios that combine in-person forms of remote and expressive digital communication, they are more important than ever.” It is clear that the last few months when teleworking has gained momentum have had an impact on Microsoft. Suffice it to recall how they announced Windows 365 in a clear commitment to rental software that makes it easier to telecommute and adapts to new times. And the new emojis are just one way to expose these changes.

The new emojis, of which we only have brushstrokes so far, offer Microsoft’s interpretation of what these changes mean. Emojis that aren’t perfect circles now because people aren’t perfect and that express new realities that we’ve all become used to.

The new emojis and icons are attached to the Fluent Design style so that they fit much better in Windows 11 and the rest of Microsoft applications. New emojis that will only be available towards the end of the year.

Via | The edge