Speakers ask selectmen to take action on Simes House


Randy Parker sitting and holding his head.

Matthew Nadler

Randy Parker listens to supporters speak on his behalf at the Board of Selectmen\’s meeting.

Chairman Ken Tavares said the Board of Selectmen is looking into the controversy over the leadership of the Simes House Foundation.

He said this after a parade of prominent Manometians came to the microphone during the public comment session of Tuesday night’s meeting to protest the removal of Randy Parker as president of the foundation.

The board is gathering information and will discuss the issue at a future meeting, Tavares. He said he hoped the board would address the matter in a “logical and fair way.”

Those who spoke were unanimous in their support of Parker and their displeasure with the Simes House Foundation board.  Town Meeting Member Megan Collins-Dempster called the board dysfunctional and which doesn’t “have the interests of Manomet at heart.” “We love the house,” said Town Meeting Member Karen Buechs, but she said she felt disrespected at the September meeting in which Parker was removed. “I’ve lost all confidence in that board.” She asked for the selectmen to find someone else to oversee the project.

Sonia Barboza, owner of the Sandpiper Inn, praised Parker and his wife Mary Ellen for their efforts. “There would be no Simes House Foundation without them,” she said.

Several of those who spoke noted the controversy over the proxy votes used to oust Parker.  Some questioned if the proxy votes to remove him were cast by out-of-town members. Parker and his supporters claim those votes were not notarized, while acting President Jim Pierson said the board, with Parker’s agreement, waived that requirement.

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