Spatial Audio compatible content lands on Netflix when we use the app from our iPhone or iPad. A deployment which may still take several days, but which will allow us to enjoy series and films in a much more complete way than until now.

A deployment that has only just begun

Not much can be said about what spatial audio is compared to stereo audio if we haven’t experienced it in person. Apple defines it as a system capable of “reproducing sounds anywhere in virtual space, creating an immersive experience”. Now, little by little, this experience will reach more and more Netflix content.

To take advantage of this new playback system, we have to use AirPods Pro or AirPods Max. At the same time, we have to use the Netflix app on our iPhone or iPad, because the web version of the service does not yet offer this audio format. Once we play compatible content, we simply go to Control Center and activate Spatial Audio.

Keep in mind that this feature is starting to launch, so it may take several days for it to become operational. Note also that the content to be read must be adapted to this system, so once it is fully deployed, not all series or films will offer it. Fortunately, in iOS 15, the system gives us the ability to convert any audio to Spatial Audio, something that will be compatible with the Netflix app and which, overnight, will allow us to enjoy the entire catalog in this format.

As we said before, Spatial Audio is something that we have to appreciate in person in order to get a clear idea of ​​the difference it makes in the cinematic experience. An experience that seems to be establishing itself more and more as the norm, fortunately for us.