Being able to perceive parts of the sound that we are listening to from different angles (besides redirecting that sound to change if we turn our heads) is the main benefit of spatial audio that we can have on Apple Music and Netflix. . Today, this type of audio takes another step by landing on Clubhouse, the audio social network.

Function makes a lot of sense in Clubhouse, because thanks to spatial audio we can “locate” every member of a meeting. Well distributed, the effect of closing your eyes and perceiving that you are in a meeting room with each speaker speaking from their own place in that room is obtained.

An asset up your sleeve to continue to stand out among your rivals

The service has already confirmed that spatial audio will be turned off when we speak, to avoid confusion. For now, this audio will be available on iOS, and it has already been confirmed that they are aiming to launch it on Android as well. Of course, you will need a quality headset to properly perceive this spatial audio.

Clubhouse thus gains a small advantage in the face of the enormous competition with which it must contend. Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, and even Spotify already include the same concept of audio room in their profiles, which is believed to have caused Clubhouse’s audience to decline. It is about being attentive to its evolution to see how it can continue to differentiate itself from the rest of social networks.