Armando G. Tejeda


La Jornada newspaper
Saturday, September 4, 2021, p. 24

Madrid. The Spanish prosecutor’s office accused the emeritus king of Spain, Juan Carlos de Borbón, of having committed at least four crimes: money laundering, embezzlement against public finances, bribery and influence peddling. The former Spanish head of state, from his exile in the United Arab Emirates, accused prosecutors of denying him his presumption of innocence.

On June 2, 2014, the then King Juan Carlos abdicated the throne in favor of his son, Felipe VI, in the face of numerous scandals and accusations of corruption against the royal family, including the monarch who, among other things, went hunting. elephants to Africa with her lover, the German princess Corina, who in turn also charged millionaire amounts for official procedures.

From then on, the untouchable figure of the king changed and the shady deals with which he accumulated a fortune began to be revealed that allowed him to give his hunting companion a check for more than 75 million euros (1,800 million pesos) .

Faced with the accumulation of accusations and scandals, increasingly difficult to hide even for the most like-minded press, in August 2020 he decided to leave Spain to live in the United Arab Emirates. From there, he designs the strategy to face the numerous judicial cases opened against him, both in the Swiss courts – where it is presumed that he has saved most of his immense fortune – and now the Spanish prosecutor’s office, which after a long investigation sees indications that the former monarch accumulated his wealth due to his efforts as an international commission agent, according to an exclusive newspaper El Mundo.

The Prosecutor’s Office of the Spanish Supreme Court sent a rogatory commission issued by the lieutenant prosecutor, Juan Ignacio Campos, to the Swiss authorities, in which it warns that there are indications that the funds under investigation come from this illegal activity, for which the king could have committed four crimes: money laundering, embezzlement against public finances, bribery and influence peddling.

The public ministry warns the Swiss authorities that it has open proceedings in which it investigates facts of concealment, transformation, transmission, conversion and / or possession of funds of Juan Carlos, who is certified before the Supreme Court. In these investigations, in addition to trying to find the origin of the money not declared to the treasury, it also investigates their participation in the operations.

In an unusual gesture, the former monarch issued a statement that was released by his law firm, Sánchez-Junco, in which he accuses the Spanish prosecutor’s office of seriously harming him and violating his presumption of innocence by stating that he has earned his hidden fortune. by charging commissions in international business.