Panasonic has introduced new headphones such as the Panasonic SoundSlayer WIGSS. A model that is far from the aesthetic concept we all have of what a headset should be to use and which reminds us a lot of the SRS-NB10 Sound that we saw a few weeks ago.

Headphones which are placed on the user’s shoulders, around the neck and which, thanks to its four speakers, are able to generate 360-degree surround sound and facilitate good ergonomics.

Designed for video games

The Panasonic SoundSlayer WIGSS were presented at this Gamescom 2021, so we can include them in the gaming market as headsets designed to accompany video game consoles and PCs in long games, times when their placement makes them particularly comfortable.

Inside we find four full range speakers responsible for generating surround sound. They have a traditional jack and USB connection so that they are compatible with almost any device.

The SoundSlayer WIGSS was designed in collaboration with video game developer Square Enix and seeks to generate surround sound to facilitate immersion in the content being played. In this sense, they have three game modes and two other “classic” modes to adjust the sound to each need:

Role Mode: Designed to create surround sound that makes the player feel like they are in the virtual world. Shooter Mode: For action and shooting games, allowing you to hear subtle sounds and where they are coming from. Voice Mode: Enhance voices so that they are heard more clearly and dialogue is understood better. Cinema mode: to improve the sound when watching movies or series. Music Mode: Improves the clarity of instruments and vocals when listening to music.

Pricing and availability

Panasonic’s SoundSlayer WIGSS will hit the market in October of this year without specifying in which countries they will be present. So far, Panasonic has not given any information on the price at which they will hit the market, although outlets like The Verge are talking about a figure close to $ 200.

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