There are so, so many helmets on the market that sometimes it’s hard to tell them apart. They may all look the same, with their charging cases and playback controls, but the truth is, there are huge differences between one or the other. Belkin SOUNDFORM Freedoms are similar to many, but they stand out on two most important points: sound quality and the ability to be located at any time thanks to their integration with the Search app.

Design: elegant, compact and efficient

The Belkin SOUNDFORM Freedom, as completely wireless headphones as they are, come with their own charging case in which we will store the headphones for charging and transporting. The exterior of the case is elegant with a gloss finish on the top and a rounded base. Although the height may be a little more moderate, it is, with its weight, within the limits of what is expected.

On the front of the case we find a single LED which, through different colors, will indicate the state of charge of the headphones. On the back, the USB-C charging port and a reset button make an appearance, while down below a small speaker reveals that these headphones are different from the others, we’ll talk about that shortly.

Once we open the cover of the case, we find the two headphones comfortably magnetically attached and ready to go. Each headset has its own status and battery indicator, very useful for having a clearer picture of the headset status without having to go to our iPhone.

The Search app: to always know where you have the headphones

One of the key points of these SF Freedoms is the ability to locate them through the Search app on any of our Apple devices. Thanks to the receiver integrated in the charging box, at any time we can know where it is and make a sound to locate it easily.

Here, it’s important to note that what we’ll always locate is the charging case, not the wireless headphones. It should also be noted that the location provided is at the address level. Inside the house, for example, one cannot use precise location, although the volume of the sound emitted is sufficient to locate the headset quickly.

Feature: Connectivity, control, comfort and sound quality

Connecting the headphones to our device for the first time is as easy as putting them on and selecting SF Freedom from the Bluetooth menu. Afterwards, the headphones will reconnect as long as we remove them from their case. Each headset gives us around 8 hours of audio playback and we can charge both in the case to reach 28 hours of playback.

These SOUNDFORMs have a tactile surface with which to interact with the reading. A few taps on the headphones, for example, pause or start the music. We can also lower and increase the volume with a single tap on the left or right earbud, respectively. Status changes are announced by a very discreet little sound feedback.

When it comes to comfort, it’s a very personal matter. Personally, the medium pad is very comfortable for me and holds the helmet well without the risk of dropping it. Depending on the need, we can choose the small or large pads that are included in the box.

Without losing sight of the fact that this is a Bluetooth headset, it must be recognized that the sound quality is remarkably good. For my personal taste, I would have liked to have noticed perhaps a little more the engravings, which perhaps do not have enough force. We should also mention, now that video calls are the order of the day, the quality of the microphones of these headphones, far superior to many alternatives on the market.

As we said before, nowadays we find a wide variety of bluetooth headphones, all with their strengths and weaknesses. In the end, it looks like we have a helmet for every budget. At Belkin, with their SOUNDFORM Freedom, they are able to offer us much more than most in their price range. A headset integrated into the Search network with great battery life and very good sound quality.