Sony has announced a new soundbar that joins its catalog of audio solutions for televisions. It is a 2.1 channel system with a wireless subwoofer. The company offers its HT-S400 bar with a set of technologies that we will detail in this article.

The soundbar will hit stores in a few months, specifically in April. In the meantime, the company has provided information on some of the features of this new product.

A soundbar with a traditional design and modes to enhance dialogue

Through a press release, Sony has detailed all the news of this powerful sound bar. We’re talking about a 2.1 channel system with up to 330W of power. Among the technologies the manufacturer is highlighting are S-Force PRO Front Surround, which the company says emulates surround sound in movie theaters.

Its speakers offer the ‘X-Balanced Speaker Unit’ design scheme, which the company says aims to maximize speaker diaphragm area, reduce transducer excursion and maintain sound pressure. generated. Additionally, Sony claims the speaker has a series of notches on the outer edges that help control tension in and out of the diaphragm. The bar also offers support for Dolby Digital via HDMI connections and an optical output.

Accompanying the soundbar is a wireless subwoofer with 160mm drivers. The system uses Bluetooth technology to communicate wirelessly with the TV and subwoofer.

The Sony HT-S400 also offers several sound modes, including ‘Voice’ mode for clearer dialogue and ‘Night’ mode, designed for watching TV when you don’t want to wake anyone up. All information from these modes and other helm functions will appear through an OLED panel which is included in the system itself. In addition, the bar also includes a remote control for its control and configuration.

Price and availability

The new Sony HT-S400 soundbar will arrive in stores in April at a price of 270 euros. At the moment the complete list of technical specifications is not yet known, which we hope to know soon.

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