When Sony launched the PlayStation 5, one of the most important novelties brought by the new console was the Tempest 3D Audio sound system, a technology that promised to improve the quality of immersion in the gaming scene thanks to the new material handling capacity. integrated generation.

The intention of this system is to offer a better spatial sound image that allows users to perceive their gaming experience in a more natural and immersive way, being able to differentiate where each sound source is coming from using an HRTF table ( Head-Related Transfer Function). ) which contains the information necessary to simulate the hundreds of sound sources that this console can reproduce at any given time.

Until now, this function has been limited to its use with headphones on the PS5, although the manufacturer has shown its intention to transfer it to televisions as well, to be able to enjoy this experience while playing without having to use headphones.

As FlatPanels HD published, Sony is reportedly already testing Tempest 3D Audio by working directly on the TV speakers with the latest beta firmware for PlayStation 5, currently only available to a small group of users. .

To make it work, it would suffice to activate the option by accessing the internal menu of the console: Settings> Sound> Audio output> Activate 3D audio for the TV speakers and later it would be necessary to calibrate the system using microphone built into the DualSense wireless controller.

After this step, the console is responsible for adjusting the audio output to the acoustic characteristics of the room and through a series of sound “tricks” based on the phase change and intensity of the signals, to theoretically produce this surround. more realistic. sound sensation without having to add additional speakers.

In addition, they are also working on the future use of this technology through external sound equipment such as soundbars, amplifiers, etc. so that owners of these devices can get the most out of their consoles.

When will the feature be available to everyone? Well, that’s not clear, because with no official confirmation at the moment, it looks like only certain beta testers are able to test it.

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