It was yesterday when we saw how Microsoft was alerting users who are part of the Windows Insider program about how the builds might have more errors since they started testing with the 22H2 branch. The more cautious have been urged to switch from the development channel to the beta channel, which apparently not everyone can do.

And it is that some users who warn that when trying to switch to the beta channel, less advanced and more conservative, they find that the option seems to be disabled and that they cannot select it in Windows Update in the section dedicated to the Insider program.

Stuck in the development channel

So far Windows 11 and released versions show very stable behavior. The reason for this is that the Dev Channel and the Beta Channel are both build-based which will generally reach all users in the fall. From then on, the beta channel will focus on the improvements that will come to this release while the development channel will remain to test what is expected to happen in fall 2022.

At this point, many have found it advisable to take your foot off the accelerator and move to the beta channel, which will feature a more stable base and more secure upgrades. To do this, they entered the current path that goes by going to “Settings”, “Windows Update” and “Windows Insider Program”. At this point, you can choose between Channel Dev, Channel Beta, and Channel Preview (in the photo, the latter is disabled because it does not appear in Windows 11).

The problem is, some users can’t take the leap and go down a notch to the beta channel. This option appears but is grayed out, indicating that it is disabled in Windows Update settings.

In HTNovo they offer the already known trick to use the registry editor and thus change the channel, but apparently and according to MSPU it does not work, because after leaving the development channel, those who have tried it get found in the preview channel.

The steps for trying to get down to the beta channel using the registry editor “are by opening the editor by typing” Regedit “and looking for the paths:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft WindowsSelfHost UI Selection

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft WindowsSelfHost Applicability

In the first, the value of Dev in beta should be changed to UIBranch, while in the second, the same change should be made but in the BranchName section.

At this point, all that remains is to confirm the changes, close the “Registry Editor” and restart Windows 11 to check if the changes have been applied. But as they say, it seems that this trick doesn’t always work.

The problem is however not generic, since we have just verified it and in our team it is possible to switch from one channel to another without problem. A failure which for the moment has no solution and it may be necessary to wait for a new compilation of Windows 11 to be resolved on the computers concerned.

Via | HTNovo