(PTI) Dubai, DTE

With the introduction of the new Taliban regime in Afghanistan under Islamic law, most popular private television networks have partially closed their obscene soap operas and concerts. However, independent Afghan news stations retain female anchors as they examine how much freedom the media enjoys.

After the withdrawal of US forces in Afghanistan, the Taliban regime is once again ruling. The Taliban has instructed the media in Afghanistan to take special care that their programs do not go against Islamic law and national interests. However, the Taliban have repeatedly claimed over the past fortnight that their new government will not be as radical as it was two decades ago. Yet the whole world is watching how the Taliban rule in Afghanistan. Media freedom will also be an important measure of assessment of the Taliban regime, a terrorist group that has killed journalists in the past.

He enforced strict Islamic law during the Taliban rule in Afghanistan between 19 and 2001. Girls and women were banned from entering schools and public life and were forced to wear a head-to-toe cover. However, this time the Taliban claims to be more moderate. They are now sharing videos of girls going to school in their provinces.

To dispel her radical image, a Taliban leader visited a female anchor of Tolo News in Kabul for the first time in history. However, 9-year-old anchor Behishta Argand has fled to Afghanistan for fear of the Taliban. Meanwhile, hundreds of women protested outside the Rashtrapati Bhavan in Kabul on Friday and called on the new Taliban government to protect women’s rights and include women in the new government so that they are not deprived of the freedoms they have enjoyed in the past two decades. To be.