Apple has decided to give everyone a little gift now that the vast majority of us are back from vacation. Now and for a while, the first season of the series ‘Home Before Dark’ is available for free on Apple TV + and without subscription.

The company announced it in a tweet, inviting everyone to see the first ten episodes of the series aired in full containment of the pandemic. The second season is still for subscribers, yes.

An Apple ID and any device you can open a website on, you don’t need more

To be able to see this first season, all you need is an Apple ID and a device to use Apple TV + on. It can be an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, but it can also be a Windows or Linux PC from which you can open the service’s website with no problem. You can also use the official apps on an Apple TV or any compatible smart TV.

As long as you’re signed in to the web or the Apple TV app with your Apple ID, you’ll be able to watch the first season of “Home Before Dark” even if you don’t pay the Apple TV + subscription fee. Do not wait too long to see the chapters if you offer it, as they will be free “for a limited time”. Or what amounts to the same: any day of these, access will again be reserved for subscribers.