We’ve known for a few weeks that Google is working on bringing the Chrome widget for iOS to Android. Now, a month later, we find out that there are three new widgets coming to Chrome, which we can now test through Chrome Canary.

With Chrome Canary 93, the new widget was not functional – it was not displaying correctly – but with its update to version 94 we now see three new widgets that are practically done, with which they could reach everyone. with the stable version of Chrome 94 which will arrive in a few months. Google’s browser was recently updated to version 92.

How to activate new widgets in Chrome Canary

If you want to try out the three new Chrome widgets on your Android device’s home screen, the first thing you need to do is install the unstable version of Chrome Canary through the Play Store.

Once Chrome Canary is installed, just go to the activation of Chrome Flags to activate two new experimental functions, which will activate the three new widgets. To do this we need to write in the Chrome address bar: // flags and enable # enable-quick-action-search-widget-android (this will activate two widgets) and # enable-quick-action-search-widget- android -dino- variant (activate another widget). After restarting the browser, we will see that when adding widgets to the home screen, three new widgets appear in Chrome Canary.

The ‘Quick Action Search Widget’ flag activates the two ‘Chrome search and quick actions’ widgets, one version with a size of 5×1 and a larger version with a size of 5×2. This widget offers us a search bar with shortcuts to incognito mode, voice search, Google Lens search (not functional) and in the large widget access to the dinosaur game.

The ‘Quick Action Search Widget – Dino Variant’ flag activates the ‘Chromium dino’ widget, direct access to its popular game so that we can play even if we have a data connection.

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