Late last year, YouTube changed the behavior of the progress bar to avoid those unintentional touches that move the playback, requiring us to hold down to go forward or backward. Well, now Google is improving this move to make it easier to do.

Thanks to the latest beta of YouTube, we see how Google activates a gesture that allows us to search for the interesting part of a video in a new way, without having to click on the play bar.

This is the new YouTube gesture

Currently YouTube offers us two gestures to move forward or backward in a video: quickly touch the sides of the video to move forward and backward in 10 second increments, or press the play bar and without releasing dragging on the sides.

This new gesture on the play bar will look for the exact moment of a video thanks to the fact that we see a thumbnail of that second, but when we play the video in full screen it requires us to make two screen touches: one first touch to display the play bar and another second touch on the screen to scroll the video.

With the new gesture that Google is testing or activating in a staggered fashion, this doesn’t happen because it moves that gesture across the entire video screen. If we keep our finger pressed anywhere in the video, the new gesture “Swipe left or right to search” will be activated, saving us from having to slide our finger on the thin red play line.

Of course, to minimize unintentional movements, you need to keep your finger pressed for a second so that we can already slide to the sides to find what point in the video we want the playback to skip. Once Google activates this gesture on our mobile, we have to be careful to clean the screen when we watch a video.

Via | Android Police
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