The Apple Watch in steel has its own personality and charisma, thanks to its finish and greater weight than the aluminum collection. Also released in 2015, the steel version offers a more traditional watch feel. And that includes its maintenance against small abrasions that diminish its natural shine.

This is why the Basic Apple Guy user tells on his blog how he regularly polishes his steel Apple Watch. And how to make the Apple Watch as shiny as it was on day one.

How to polish the Apple Watch in steel

First of all, it warns us that this method of polishing the steel of the Apple Watch should only be applied to the one with the silver finish. Other models and collections, such as space gray steel, gold, titanium and even aluminum should not be polished with this method (which also includes the Apple Watch SE). It can crush the finish of the watch forever.

The Apple Watch before polishing, where you can see the micro-abrasions that tarnish it.

Remember that the steel Apple Watch has a sapphire screen, on which the polishing wipes must not pass over. The polishing method described by the user only works if the scratches are small. In any glass you will not repair scratches or deep dents on the metal.

You have to do the passes without fear. Polishing wipes do not visibly wear out the steel frame

For the process, he used a Cape Cod Metal Polishing Kit, which can be found on Amazon for $ 25.20. Comes with 12 polishing wipes, nitrile gloves and a cleaning cloth. Although we recommend that you have another extra cloth to help with cleaning. Its method is as follows:

We put one of the sheets on the ground to cushion the passes. The Apple Watch must be turned off, without the bracelet, and clean. With your gloves on, spread one of the polishing wipes on the cloth. Start stepping on the same line with the different edges of the Apple Watch. Using a medium level of force, to make sure it polishes the metal without overdoing it. The side button and digital crown are rubbed with both hands, to make sure it goes through the slots. In a matter of minutes, we should have the desired result. This is how the steel Apple Watch takes care of the polishing process.

Finally, and with the watch still off, place it under the tap with lukewarm water to remove any residue. When you are done, turn on the watch and activate the water expulsion mode 2-3 times. As a final touch, use WOOOSH! Cleanser. and its microfiber cloth (15.99 euros at Amazon) to make it perfect.

And ready. You can now put the strap back on and start using it again. A steel Apple Watch just out of the box. As a final recommendation, we can do this whole process once or twice a year.