Alexa, like Siri or Google, has voice identification. A voice that answers our questions and actions. Even before a simple instruction, we can receive an “OK” in response. Something that can change if we activate “Brief Mode” or “Brief Mode”.

It is an option present among the menus of the Alexa application that we can download and use on iOS and Android. Alexa’s “short mode” makes Alexa less “talkative” when responding to commands, switching from speaking in certain situations to using a brief audible tone.

Alexa may be less talkative

To activate (and deactivate) “Brief Mode” or “Brief Mode” we must follow a few simple steps from the Alexa mobile application on the phone. You can also ask the assistant directly by asking him to activate the “Brief Mode”.

Through the mobile app, you can enable “brief mode” or “brief mode” by entering the Alexa app and looking at the options bar that appears at the bottom of the screen. We must click on the “More” section, which is the one that appears on the far right. At this point we select “Settings”.

We need to find “Voice Responses” in “Alexa Preferences”. We will see next to the “Brief Mode” the “Whisper Mode” and the “Celebrity Personality” which is not operational.

We activate or deactivate the short response mode and this way Alexa speaks less and will play a short sound instead of issuing a voice response.