Spotify announced the extension of the “Fusion” list building option, which was already tested in the Beta program, to all users. It is a tool that allows you to create and share personalized music lists but with the particularity of merging musical tastes between friends.

Fusion is now ready for all users. With this option, it is enough to invite a friend to use Spotify so that in a list appear musical pieces in which there is coincidence of tastes. Here are the steps on how to create a merge list.

How to Create a Fusion List

You have to enter the main page of Spotify on your mobile and click on the magnifying glass which, in the lower area, gives us access to the “Search” section. In the new screen, we have to click on the box “Especially for you”. We will then see that a new screen opens with the option “Create a merger” in which we will have to press.

Then press “Invite” to have a friend join your Fusion via a notification.

Once your friend accepts your request, Spotify will generate personalized playlists for both of you, with songs that match the tastes and listening preferences of both of you. This resulting list can also be shared on social media by clicking “Share this story” at the bottom of your story screen.

In the resulting list, a taste match “score” will be obtained so that it shows how similar or unique your preferences are when listening to music and different content on the Spotify platform, compared to the same. friend added.

This type of list also makes it possible to know which is the song that unites the most and if they are also Premium users of the platform, it will be possible to see which users’ listening preferences have contributed to the choice of each of the songs of the playlist.