On Android, it is possible to set a video as the wallpaper, although you have to download some apps and go through the weird process. Fortunately, in Xiaomi this is a native option, so we don’t have to install anything or complicate our lives.

We are going to show you how to set a video as wallpaper in MIUI 12, a fairly simple trick that will allow you to personalize your mobile to another level with any of the videos you have in the gallery.

Videos in wallpaper on Xiaomi

Usually setting video as wallpaper on Android comes bundled with third party apps, but MIUI 12 comes with this feature natively. We may never have realized that it’s there and, in fact, it doesn’t show up in the wallpaper settings options, but we have to look for the option directly in the gallery.

We open the gallery application We select the video we want as the background We click on the three buttons to open the menu We set as wallpaper

Besides setting the video as the wallpaper, we can set it as the background of the lock screen, so that it looks the same in both panels. You have to keep in mind that a video will always consume more power than a photo, because it is moving images that give work to the pixels on our screen.