We are going to show you how to watch Netflix in full resolution on your Android mobile. Several factors influence the reproduction of content, from the parameters you have configured in the application, such as the tariff you have contracted, as well as the type of telephone you have.

Most phones today have Full HD+ screens and, in the case of the high end, 2K. Just because your phone supports Full HD doesn’t mean Netflix is ​​viewed in HD, so we’ll explain how it works.

First, your rate

Current Netflix prices.

It doesn’t matter if you have a mobile with a 4K screen: if you don’t pay the high resolution rate, you will see low resolution content. There are currently three packages on Netflix: Basic, Standard and Premium.

Basic plan: up to 480p Standard plan: up to 1080p Premium plan: up to 4K

So, first of all, you have to pay the maximum rate if you want to enjoy the maximum resolution. If you pay for the standard, you will stay in 1080. In the case of the basic, it is even more problematic, since the contents in 480 are not suitable in resolution for the gigantic screens that we have today.

Second, your phone

Just like you need a Netflix plan that supports high resolution playback, it’s important to know your phone’s resolution. Just look at its spec sheet but, if you don’t know where to look for it, there’s a way to watch it from within the Netflix app itself.

Tap your profile picture Settings app Playback specs

In this menu you will see the maximum resolution allowed by your mobile, the codecs it supports, the version of Widevine and the HDR functions.

The third, app settings

Finally, we will configure Netflix to always play at maximum quality. To do this, we will follow these steps:

Click on your profile picture Account (this will take you to the Netflix site) Click on your profile in ‘Profiles & Parental Controls’ ‘Playback Settings’ Turn on ‘High’ quality

Finally, we will configure that the downloads are always at maximum quality.

Click your profile picture App settings Download quality Top click

You must bear in mind that playing content in high quality increases data consumption, which is not a problem at home when we are on WiFi, but it can become problematic if we use phone data .