More and more manufacturers are choosing to insert personalized advertisements and suggestions into the operating system built into their televisions. This is a very common practice because there is a whole lot of business behind our metrics on what we see. In this article, we’re going to explain how to get rid of suggestions on our Chromecast home screen with Google TV, which, while not being a total measure, will at least help us get a little more space without ads.

Google TV’s start menu, like in TVs with Android TV, has suggestions and personalized ads from major streaming platforms. This “helps” us in theory to find more precise results on what to see according to our tastes.

With all the external stimuli that we receive every day, it is sometimes appreciated to find a space dedicated only to what we want to do with the television, with no ads in between. Well, there is a method for that, and it shows up as a fit in Google’s most comprehensive dongle.

How to activate ‘Applications only mode’

To activate the ‘Applications mode only’, just go to the settings section of our Chromecast with Google TV. There we select the “Accounts and Login” tab, we enter our account, and in this section we select the place where it says “Applications only mode”.

After completing the steps, in a few seconds the main menu will appear with only the apps we have installed.

Keep in mind that as long as this mode is activated, Google Assistant functions will not work. We will also not be able to view content acquired from YouTube and Google TV through the system interface, and we will not be able to access the list of content that we are watching.


Disable personalized ads

Yes, we know what you are thinking. After activating this mode, the promoted content always appears at the top. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it. Although we may opt out of personalized advertising. This will allow us to continue to see them, but they will no longer be more precise and will not be based on what we see.

To turn off personalized ads on any Android TV or Google TV system, simply go to the settings section and select “Device”. Here, we enter the “Preferences” menu then “Information”. In “Legal Information” we go to where it says “Ads”, and here we will select the “Customize Ads” option.

Google collects information about how our TV is used to deliver personalized content, what we can’t avoid, and what it warns us about when we first set up the device. As we mentioned before, this is a very common thing, and in pretty much all recent TVs it is impossible to have a 100% ad-free experience.

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