Alexa is for many, the most complete personal assistant. But to all the utilities that we already know, we can add a series of Easter Eggs or Surprise Easter Eggs to brighten up our time. So we have Futbolera mode, Madrid mode … and among others, Super Alexa mode and now we will see how you can “activate” it.

Despite the name, don’t expect this command to give Alexa any special powers. It’s a humorous nod to use with the Echo speakers or the mobile app. A nod to those classic games that now when we tell you how to activate it you will understand.

Super Alexa mode enabled

Remember when you had to enter a sequence of keys with the Mega Drive or Super Nintendo controller to activate cheats in certain games? Well, you have to perform something very similar to get into Super Alexa mode.

The first thing we’re going to try is to activate it with a voice command saying “Alexa, turn on Super Alexa mode”. You can do this if you have an Amazon device nearby or through the Alexa mobile app, available for Android on Google Play and for iOS on the App Store. But how are you going to see, Alexa is not making things easy. And the video below is the best example.

Playing with Alexa

– jð † åå ¢ êµvê (@josetxu_granada) June 15, 2021

To activate Super Alexa mode, you must have the Alexa app or an Amazon device nearby and say the following command without error:

Alexa, up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start.

If you are missing an instruction, Alexa will notice it and warn you that you must enter it completely to activate the mode.

You’ve been very close, but to activate Super Alexa mode you have to say the exact code

If you say it correctly, the wizard will wait a few seconds and tell you something like this:

Yuhuuu, good job. Super Alexa mode activated.

– jð † åå ¢ êµvê (@josetxu_granada) June 15, 2021

Super Alexa Mode is one of Amazon’s virtual assistant Easter eggs, but it’s not the only one. And it is that with the déjà vu, we have a Mother Mode, Lovers Mode, Madrileño Mode or Mother Mode, modes to which new options will be added.

To complete all these modes, Alexa asks a series of questions, in the case of Madrileño mode, questions related to Madrid and you have to get three out of four correct answers to do them correctly and be careful, they are not easy, at least. if, as in my case, you are not from Madrid.

The striking thing about these modes is that they are unnecessary, just a joke, a nod to the Alexa user community. The wizard will tell us that it turned on each mode, but it really doesn’t do anything, so you also won’t have to turn it off once you invoke it.