The miDGT application, which allows us to take our digital driving license directly on our iPhone, is gradually extending its functionality. For some time now, one of the options offered has been to pay traffic fines. A function that we hope not to have to use, but which greatly accelerates and facilitates this type of approach.

A very simple procedure thanks to the application

Sometimes receiving a letter with the traffic violation and paying it can take forever. Thanks to the miDGT app, however, the whole process is greatly streamlined and more bearable. From the same application we can check directly if we have received sanctions, a way to make sure that we have nothing pending with Traffic.

If at any time a violation is received, it will be reflected in the app and a notification will also be issued. With this, if we do not plan to file a claim, we can proceed directly to payment. Especially since an advance payment generally implies a 50% reduction in certain penalties.

Paying a penalty is as simple as opening the miDGT app on the iPhone, logging in with a password or Face ID, and accessing the menu. In the My fines section we will see, if there are any, both those pending and those already paid. From there we can download the penalty receipt and even identify the fined driver if we weren’t driving at the time. After tapping Fee Payment, simply enter a valid payment method to complete the process.

Admittedly, the work that DGT is doing in this application is really interesting. We are no longer just talking about being able to have your driver’s license on the iPhone at any time, we are talking about being able to request an appointment to carry out procedures in person, check the authenticity of official documents, consult data on our vehicles and, as we have just seen, pay the fines received, if any. An application that allows us to streamline any procedure and do it comfortably from our iPhone.