While browsing the Internet, we find many links. These links are the way to discover content, both for search engines and for humans, that websites try to get us to click on more and more links with. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to know where we’re going to go once we’ve done that.

And where does this link lead me?

Some websites, like Apple’s, follow the good practice of marking an external link to their site with a little arrow, but that’s all we can say about a link. Fortunately, in Safari for Mac we have an interesting resource: the status bar.

Thanks to the status bar, you can see the destination of a link before clicking on it. A bar that is disabled by default, but that we can enable by following these steps:

We open the Safari application on our Mac. In the View menu, we enable the Show Status Bar option. Alternatively, we press Command + ‘ (the key with the question mark).

Automatically we will see that, if we move the mouse over a link, a mini information bar appears in the lower left part of the window. A bar that shows us the full URL we are going to and also informs us if it will open in a new tab or replace the one we currently have open.

A resource that, thanks to the ease of the keyboard shortcut, we can activate or deactivate quickly and only when we need it. Of course, you can click on trusted pages with confidence, but it is also true that every second counts and that when you are looking for something in particular it is very useful to be able to know where you are going before you leave. .

Picture | AltumCode