There are several ways to see the information that we write down in the Calendar app on our Mac. We can organize the events on a monthly, weekly or daily basis, but what about the list mode? On iPhone it exists, yes, but on Mac it does not appear to the naked eye, it forces us to be a little creative.

A complete list, although a little hidden

Unlike the app for iPhone or iPad, the Calendar app on our Mac does not offer us to see appointments as a list. A format, everything is said, which depending on the number of events that we manage (especially after merging the calendars) can be very useful to get a quick idea of ​​how we spend the day. Luckily, the Calendar app for Mac has a little-known resource that lets us access this list: search.

In the upper right part of the application we can access the search engine to locate any event. The results list, as its name suggests, sorts matching events in list mode. We can use this behavior to see a list of all our events.

Instead of searching for any word, let’s write two quotation marks, that is, let’s write “”. With this we will get our calendar to search and find all the events, so we will end up with a list view of them. A list that sorts all appointments by time, so the closest ones appear at the top of the list.

Nothing more. Admittedly, this is a visualization that can only be useful to us in certain situations, but after receiving the question “and iPhone ready mode is not on the Mac?” many times during my trainings, this seems to be a most useful resource. A quick and easy way to order all of our upcoming events. We just type “” and that’s it.

Picture | Maddi Bazzocco