One of the biggest benefits of the Shortcuts app is the ability to use automations to make certain tasks happen without us noticing. Or at least in theory, because depending on the configuration, a notification informs us of the execution of the automation, a notification that we can however deactivate in iOS 15.4.

Automations without notification

The personal automations in the Shortcuts app give us great versatility when it comes to performing certain tasks on a recurring basis. A system that allows us to forget about these actions and let the system complete them without further interruption.

Until iOS 15.4, even though we could disable the permission request to perform certain automations, we still received the notification of the execution. This notification can be disabled in iOS 15.4, the steps to follow are:

We open the Shortcuts app on our iPhone or iPad. We enter the Automation tab. We select the automation that interests us. At the bottom, if it is activated, we deactivate Ask for confirmation and confirm by touching Do not ask. We disable Notify at runtime.

It’s so simple. Thanks to this system, we can avoid receiving a notification each time an automation is executed. With this we can significantly increase the number of cases in which an automation can be interesting. Cases like the one that allows us to change the camera button on the lock screen to open any application.

It’s one of the many new features that comes with iOS 15.4, which we know as the Spring Update, which also focuses on introducing Tap to Pay on the iPhone and unlocking via Face ID. with a mask. News, no doubt, that is more than welcome.

Picture | Dmitry Karastelev