Apple TV+ is Apple’s platform for accessing on-demand content in the form of series and films. documentaries… Rival of others like Netflix, Prime Video, HBO MAX and other platforms, one of the options it offers is to adapt the audio and subtitles to our liking. Something that we can do from our iPhone, iPad, Mac and in a somewhat more hidden way from Apple TV or in the Apple TV + application on a Smart TV.

And that’s what we’re going to explain. It’s about choosing the language of the audio, that of the subtitles that we use when watching content on Apple TV + and if we want the latter to be activated or not. The menu is a bit more hidden and that’s why we’re going to see how to find it.

Audio and subtitles to our liking

In Apple TV + we can choose the language of the audio, the language of the subtitles and if we want these to be activated or not, but the difference is that in the TV application or in the Apple TV we do not have the button in the form of a text bubble that appears at the bottom right of the reading and is on iPhone, iPad or Mac.

To be able to make these changes in the Smart TV application or in the Apple TV, we have a somewhat less intuitive menu. This allows you to change the language of the audio and the language of the subtitles, including the option “Disabled” which will make them disappear or “Automatic” which will only subtitle the textual content that appears on the screen and some scenes that are untranslated.

To make the changes, we must start playback in the Apple TV + application on our Apple TV or Smart TV. With the image on screen, we swipe down, click, or hold the button with a down arrow on the controller.

We move the control at the top to select “Audio” or “Subtitles” depending on what we want to change and choose the language by clicking on it. The menu closes automatically and the changes we have chosen are applied.