The POCO F1 surprised us a few years ago as a champion of value for money, riding the most powerful of the moment, the Snapdragon 845 for less than 300 euros. Following its success, the POCO F2 was due out, but it never came.

Now a series of prototype photos shows us a davinci device (Redmi K20, Mi 9T) showing us what the POCO F2 would have looked like if it had existed. Although few specs are coming out, its appearance would have been very similar to that of a Xiaomi Mi 9T, but with a hole-punch camera instead of a motorized one.

The POCO F2 which has never been

The Telegram channel Xiaomiui Prototypes collects a large number of photos of mobile prototypes that share the code name of Xiaomi Mi 9T and Redmi K20, but which are different in fundamental aspects. For starters, many of them have the POCO brand printed on their case. According to this channel, many of these prototypes correspond to the POCO F2 which was never marketed.

While many users expected a renewal of the POCO F2 the following year, the company took a break to return with the POCO F2 Pro. The standard version never materialized, and now we have some ideas on what it would have looked like. A curious fact that emerges from these photos is that it is said to have a physical AI button, although it is not clear what it would do.

The supposed POCO F2 with the physical AI button

The photos of the prototype show us several of these devices, some with Android AOSP installed, others with MIUI. In one of these captures we see that it works with Android 9 with MIUI 11.0.3, although it is a prototype, it does not mean that it was the version that had to be installed for end users.

The appearance of the terminal from behind is very similar to that of the Xiaomi Mi 9T, with a module for vertical and centered cameras and in the colors blue and black. Of course, unlike the Xiaomi Mi 9T, this POCO F2 mounted the perforated front camera in a corner, instead of having a motorized solution as is also the case with the POCO F2 Pro.

As a good successor to the POCO F1, this supposed POCO F2 has mounted the Snapdragon 855, something in which all these prototypes coincide. The terminal is also referred to as the Redmi K20, a model that also never materialized.

So, two years after POCO F1, at least we know what POCO F2 could have looked like. At this point and with the POCO F3 on the market, it is clear that the POCO F2 will never go on sale, having remained in the discard pile for reasons still unknown today.

Via | Gizmochine