Google is testing a new improvement to its Messages app. A possibility for the moment available only in the beta version accessible from the Google Play Store and which allows you to see and respond to reactions in the same way they are seen from an iPhone.

So far, when we get an emoji-shaped message from an iPhone, or a reaction to a message, on Android phones, it shows up in text format. With this improvement, this response appears the same, represented by an emoji.

From iOS to Android: SMS and RCS

Image 9to5Google

The Google Messages beta app can be tested from this link and has a few features that will reach the global version later. In the latest version, 10.7, they discovered in code how the app would handle the inbound reactions of SMS sent from the app for iOS messages. An option that is already starting to be tested with some users.

Google Messages is now able to detect incoming reactions when they have been sent from an iPhone and instead of displaying them as text, it now displays them as an “emoji”. The image below these lines shows what they look like today.

What Google did is make Messages able to map and match some of iMessage’s reactions to match what’s available through RCS, a protocol supported by Android, but not iOS, a system that still uses the SMS protocol.

With this improvement, if, for example, they like a message, we will see it represented by its respective emoji represented in the upper right corner of the message, the same way it appears in the Messages app on an iPhone. So far, these reactions are represented as text.

At this time, testing is limited, so despite the beta, server-side activation may be required. After testing in the beta, we will have to wait until they reach the version that all users can try.