In the summer, we want to keep it simple, cook lightly and quickly, without complications. The iPhone that we have in our pocket is the ideal tool for this, since it is the gateway to thousands and thousands of recipes.

We’re going to tell you which are the best recipe apps for your iPhone, cooking related services to help you eat the richest and healthiest possible. Whether you cook well or not, with these apps the whole food preparation process will be much easier guaranteed.


Ekilu might not sound familiar to you, because until a few months ago “Noodle” was a famous app, but it changed its name. It is one of the most comprehensive recipe apps on the App Store, with over 2,000 recipes sorted by categories, such as preparation time, ingredients, nutritional goal (fat loss, weight gain, muscle mass, etc.). It’s a free app, although it has a premium version at $ 4.99 per month to get even more features.


Cookpad is a great alternative when we don’t know what to cook. It has an incredible amount of recipes, very well illustrated and categorized by ingredients, seasons, types of food and more. If we go for the premium version, we will have access to more recipes, a service that costs 2.99 euros per month.


Carlos Ríos’ famous app has made a name for itself for its food scanner, but without going to this extreme, Myrealfood is an app that provides access to an incredible community of recipes. The app not only has a very comprehensive recipe section, but also a community section where each person can upload their own. It is a completely free application.

The coconut

The CoCo is another of the ideal applications for thinking about cooking recipes and making your life easier. This application allows us to see recipes with what we have in the kitchen, so it is a great alternative to find simple recipes with the foods we have at home. It is also a free application.


Hatcook is a free app that offers over 12,000 recipes, which can be searched by ingredients, difficulty, time, season and even locations. The app also shows in great detail how to prepare the dishes, even reproducing the ingredients and instructions via audio. Like the rest of the apps, it won’t cost us a single dollar.


If you want to forget about healthy recipes a bit, you have the app from Tasty, the famous BuzzFeed publication with viral recipes. The app features over 2,000 recipes, some very healthy, others loaded to the brim with sugar and amazing flavor. Another completely free application.

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