Simes House on the visitor’s list for Plymouth Antiquarian Society House Tour

Those taking the Plymouth Antiquarian Society's House Tour won't be able to climb these stairs at the Simes House.

Those taking the Plymouth Antiquarian Society’s House Tour won’t be able to climb these stairs at the Simes House.

This year’s Plymouth Antiquarian Society House Tour will be visiting Manomet to get a look at how things are progressing at the Simes House.

“Seeing the meticulous restoration work being carried out at the Simes House is a great learning opportunity for anyone interested in local history and old buildings,” commented PAS Executive Director Donna Curtin in an e-mail. “ it’s a very significant project for Manomet, an area of Plymouth that has not enjoyed the same level of protection for its historic resources as other parts of town,” she added.

For safety reasons, the tourists will only get as close as the porch, according to Simes House Foundation Secretary Will Shain.  While the exterior of the house is largely finished, the interior still has a ways to go. Visitors will, Shain noted, be able to get a look through the house’s doors.

Besides the Simes House, the tour will visit a bungalow on Little Pond, a downtown cottage and a contemporary “flip house” with the main rooms on the second floor. In addition, members of the Harlow House Fiber Guild will host an old-fashioned spinning bee for ticket holders at the Harlow Old Fort House on Sandwich Street. There’s also afternoon tea from 2 to 4 p.m. at Hedge House Museum on Water Street.


Tickets are $35 per person; $30 members. Purchase includes an event program with a history and description of each house, with map and directions. Reservations recommended. Tickets may be ordered on-line at or purchased at the Hedge House Museum, Wednesday through Sunday, 2 to 6 pm. For more information, email the Antiquarian Society at or call 508-746-0012.

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