Simes House is almost ready for visitors

Seeing a town project completed in Manomet seems like a rare thing, but in the case of the Simes House, it’s happening.

Community Preservation Committee Chairman Bill Keohan told the Manomet Village Steering Committee on Tuesday that work on the Simes House is scheduled for completion by early July. A ribbon-cutting ceremony will be scheduled for later that month, he said.

Manomet Village Commons Inc., which was created by several prominent Manometians to “educate the public about the history and heritage of Manomet Village,” according to its incorporation documents, will manage the building, Keohan said. It was the sole bidder for the contract. While the CPC expected more bidders, the MVC’s proposal was impressive, Keohan said and it will recommend the Board of Selectmen accept the bid, Keohan said.

The organization’s board includes Finance Committee Chairman John Moody, Planning Board Chairman Ken Buechs and Manomet Village Steering Committee Vice-Chairman Randy Parker. The group will, Keohan said, address any potential conflicts of interest.

Among its first orders of business, he said, was finding tenants for the two affordable apartments and office space on the house’s third and second floor. Revenue from those units is expected to pay for the upkeep of the building. The MVC will also have to consider its options for installing a kitchen. The CPC opted not to install a kitchen after it proved to be both controversial and expensive, instead leaving the space empty for whoever managed the building.

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