Air purifiers have become essential equipment for many homes and this is why manufacturers outside their sector have set their sights on these devices.

This is the case with IKEA, which already launched the FÖRNUFTIG model at the start of the year, which we were able to test in its time, with a curious decorative touch and a very affordable price.

Now the furniture distribution giant has announced the arrival in its catalog of two new purifiers that will arrive in the fall with the intention of purifying the air in our homes but at the same time decorating the rooms where we have them. let’s install.

Under the name of “Starkvind” we are faced with two teams with very different shapes, both with the same purification specifications but with a different external appearance, since one of them will be integrated into a side table and the The other will be similar to the previous FÖRNUFTIG although circular in shape.

En el interior de los purificadores se montarán sistemas de filtrado de tres capas capaces según el manufacturer de capturar hasta el 99.5% de las partículas con tamaño inferior a 2.5 micras, incluyendo el polen y el polvo así como el formaldehído y los bad smells.

They will have five different operating modes with respective fan speeds and, of course, they can be controlled from the IKEA Home mobile app, although in this case we will have to purchase the manufacturer’s communication hub to serve as a ‘intermediate.

Pricing and availability

The new black and white Starkvind air purifiers will hit IKEA stores from October for prices yet to be determined.

Via | Engadget