shows which applications and companies have access to our data

It is common for us to sign up for different services and applications with our email account and over time we end up forgetting which companies we have opened the door to our data to. And this is what to try to resolve this web page that responds to the name of Saymineapp.

It’s a kind of personal data reverse mining service that lets us know which companies, applications and web pages have access to our data, most of which we don’t even remember. An ideal tool for the ignorant we know now.

Data under control

This web page also requires access to our email account in order to be able to analyze which companies, applications, web pages … have our data. It offers information about the companies and services that have access to our data, marks the services that we may consider essential and even makes requests for deletion of this data.

The page is called Saymineapp and can be accessed from this link. In fact, when we register, we will see a notice from Google or Microsoft warning us that we have granted access to our data. Access that we can also revoke once we have used this tool.

Once inside, the first step is to click on the “Start” button located at the top right of the website and in the central area. This brings us to a page where we have to select the number of services that we think we have service to our data (we can indicate how many we want, whatever) and then in “Next”, the previous step before knowing which sites Web they have our data.

Once registered, we will have to enter a name to identify us and click on “Start” again. The tool begins to search through all the apps, businesses, and web pages that have access to your account data, a process that may take a few seconds.

We will see a screen with the summary of all our data. The exact number of companies that have our data appears and next to this box, two more with the companies that have had access in the last days and the progress of your data. If you click on “See which companies”, you will see the companies that have access to your data. On the left there is a bar with three options:

Hover over my footprint My demands

If we click on “My fingerprint”, we will see a new screen showing each of the companies that have our data. Organized by dates, if we hover the mouse over the boxes we will see that in some the “Recover” button appears, so that we can request the deletion of data on this web page.

With this process, we begin the process by which we ask the company to erase our data. For this, the Saymineapp website will send an email to the company that requests it, and a copy to us as a backup. In this way, the company to which we ask will delete our account from its servers.

Claims made will appear in the “My Claims” section, along with the company claimed and an indication that informs us of the status of the claim.

Delete our data from Saymineapp

With all this, we may be interested in removing our data from this website, and for that we only have to click on our profile icon in the upper right area. We will see a box with the text “Delete your mine account”. After a question as to whether we are sure to delete our account, we can say yes and the data will be deleted.

Another way to remove access to our account is to go to this link and choose Mine from the list to see the Remove Access button. “If we registered with a Microsoft account, we need to go to this link to find the list of apps with access to our account.

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