Washington, Thursday, August 19, 2021

Police are investigating reports of possible explosives in a pickup truck outside the US House of Representatives library on Thursday and surrounding buildings have been evacuated. Two law enforcement officers gave this important information to The Associated Press (AP). The news of a truck full of explosives has caused a sensation outside the Parliament. Police in Parliament House said officials were checking a suspicious vehicle near the Parliament Library. The building is close to the Parliament House and the Supreme Court.

Law enforcement officials said investigators were at the scene and trying to determine whether the device was explosive. Officials said investigators at the scene are working to determine whether the device was explosive and whether the person in the truck had a detonator. Officials said police have sent snipers to the spot. The area has been cordoned off with police vehicles and barricades. The White House said it was monitoring the situation and that police were providing information.

Following the information about explosives, the entire area has been surrounded by police vehicles and barricades. Apart from this, many fire engines and ambulances have also been deployed there. A few months ago a pipe bomb was found at the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee and the Republican National Committee in Washington. A day earlier in January, thousands of Trump supporters demonstrated in the US capital.

This is an ongoing investigation.

We are monitoring this situation closely and will update this account as we receive information we may release.

– US Capitol Police (apCapitolPolice) August 19, 2021