As we’ve seen before, some of the new features unveiled at WWDC won’t arrive with the official release of iOS 15, iPadOS 15, tvOS 15, watchOS 8, and macOS 12 Monterey this fall. The reason is that Apple needs a bit more time to polish the experience than it offers systems development in the summer. So let’s go through the list of new features that we will see after the launch of the new operating systems.

SharePlay, UniversalControl, app privacy and more

Based on previous experiences, news that does not reach the official launch of the new systems will appear in version 15.1 or 15.2, so if we look at the launch schedules from previous years, they should arrive before the end of the year. The full list of new features we’ll have to wait a bit longer for is as follows:

SharePlay: SharePlay encompasses a series of new features for FaceTime such as the ability to share screen, music, movie or series and more. In the sixth beta, Apple confirmed that this feature will not arrive at the launch of iOS 15, but will do so this fall. Application privacy report: in Settings> Privacy> Record application activity iOS 15 records the servers to which our applications connect. In the beta cycle we are only offered the option to download this information to a file, it will be in future versions that we will be able to see the data itself from the same section. Custom domains for Mail: In the future, we may use our domain to customize iCloud addresses. This feature is part of iCloud +, some features of which Apple recognizes will arrive throughout the year. UniversalControl: The system that will allow us to control the iPad or another Mac using the trackpad and keyboard of the device we are using at a specific time will also appear in a future version. In fact, it hasn’t hit beta yet, so we haven’t even been able to test it. Legacy contacts: Apple is preparing a system for certain contacts to be able to access the contents of an Apple ID after the death of its owner. This feature disappeared in the fourth beta of iOS 15, Apple confirms that “it will come back in a future version”. 3D navigation in CarPlay: Some cities like San Francisco, LA, NYC or London will offer detailed 3D navigation in Car Play in the future. A feature that has not appeared in the betas and that will arrive after its official presentation. Identifiers in Wallet: In the United States, the Wallet application will allow you to officially keep your driver’s license. This feature, which was never included in the beta of iOS 15, will also arrive later this year.

While it is true that we would all like to be able to take advantage of these features from the first minute, the truth is that developing four operating systems simultaneously is not something that can be taken lightly. At Apple, it is clear that it is better to arrive with fewer features and that the ones that arrive work perfectly than to deliver a half-finished product.