A team of Project Titan employees traveled to South Korea on a secret business trip to contact companies in the country and discuss possible plans for the future Apple Car. According to DigiTimes, the engineers have met with LG and SK Group.

Traveling to South Korea by Apple car

The development of the future Apple Car, shrouded in the greatest possible secrecy, continues to make us headlines. Apparently, a group of engineers belonging to the project responsible for the Apple Car visited the Asian country. There they met LG and the SK Group to develop plans for the company’s future car.

According to DigiTimes, the meetings are part of the search for partners and manufacturers to be part of the Apple Car supply chain. A research that we have already discussed in the past and which is the key to the successful launch of the autonomous vehicle.

These alleged meetings were also mentioned in The Korea Times, where a senior executive allegedly said the Apple team was in South Korea to seek “business partners in Korea for its electric vehicle business” and that “none partnership with Korean suppliers, Apple will not be able to carry out its business plan for electric vehicles. ”The executive also said that the talks were“ still in their infancy ”.

If you rule out that part of the manufacturing of the future car will take place in the United States, Apple is looking for a partner who can produce a considerable volume of vehicles for the launch. A launch which may take several more years, but which will undoubtedly mark a before and after in the autonomous car scene.

Image | Ryoji iwata