Over four years ago, the YouTube mobile app added the famous gesture to forward and rewind a video, and all the while Google has been adding more gestures, especially in recent months where new gestures arrived in silence.

Next, we’re going to go over all the YouTube gestures you can do in your player, whether that’s controlling video playback, enabling fullscreen, or accessing social options for a video.

Come and go in a video

We start with the famous double tap on the screen that can be done on the sides of a video to advance or rewind the reading. With a double tap you will go forward / backward 10 seconds, but if you keep tapping the screen the time will increase in increments of +10 seconds. 30 seconds and so on …

Go to a specific point

This is one of the new gestures. Holding the finger activates the new gesture to go to a specific point. Without releasing your finger, when you slide your finger left or right, we will move forward or backward in the timeline, seeing the preview of each of the seconds. When we release the finger, we will jump to this point.

Extended video

Now all phones have an ultra-wide screen, longer than the 16: 9 standard of most videos, so by default we will see two black bands. If we want this video to occupy the entire screen, we must do the gesture of the pliers by separating the fingers to enlarge the video. To bring it back to its original size, we have to do the opposite.

Minimize the reader

If we shoot a video with the mobile vertically and want to continue exploring the app, we can minimize the player by dragging it down. The video will continue to play at the bottom of the app on your mini player. To return to its normal size, just slide the mini-player upwards.

Chapter forward or back

Another new gesture allows us to move forward or backward through the chapter by simply double-tapping the screen with two fingers on the sides of the screen. It is like the gesture of moving forward or backward 10 seconds but with two fingers.

Watch a video in full screen

To see a video in full screen, when it is horizontal, we usually rotate the screen and automatically wait for it to go full screen, but in vertical videos we have to manually enable full screen. To avoid having to activate with this button, we can slide our finger upwards. The video will go full screen. To exit full screen, just slide our finger down.

Access actions and recommendations

Finally, we end with the gesture that allows us to access the social actions of a video while it is playing in full screen and with the mobile horizontally. To do this, just slide your finger upwards. Your panel will appear with the options to subscribe to the channel with the actions of ‘Like’, ‘Dislike’, share and save, in addition to seeing recommendations from other videos that may be of interest to us.

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