Brain training apps promise to improve our cognitive abilities through a series of exercises or puzzles, but [sea o no cierto](according to scientific evidence), they are a good tool to test our mind to find out our memory, logic and mental agility, and challenge us to improve our scores.

In Google Play we find a wide variety of apps to train our brains that Nintendo made so fashionable years ago with its famous Brain Training franchise. Among all of them, we have selected the seven best applications in Spanish to exercise the mind.


We start the selection with NeuroNation, the brain training application that boasts of having been awarded the prize for the best Google application. Through its 27 exercises spread over 250 levels. The application will conduct an exhaustive analysis of our strengths and abilities to create a personal training plan. The application can be downloaded for free but to take advantage of all its exercises you will need to subscribe.


Developer: NeuroNation Download from: Google Play Price: Free with in-app purchases Category: Education


We continue with Lumosity which, like the previous application, also creates a personalized training program for us after passing a first test. Then, through more than 30 exercises, it will challenge us with tests of memory, speed, logic, problem solving, math, language and more. It also includes a subscription to be able to enjoy all its activities.



With Peak we find another brain trainer that has also been awarded on Google Play as one of the best apps of 2016. Here we find more than 35 games to test our memory, attention, deduction, mental agility, our language, our coordination, our creativity and our emotional control. . You will also have to pay a subscription to unlock all your exercises.

Peak – Puzzle Games

A brain

In ABrain we find a minimalist application that, through its 16 exercises, will test our memory, attention, reaction and agility in solving mathematical exercises. The application is currently completely free. In exchange for a dollar donation you can remove the advertisements.

A brain. improve your memory


CogniFit also requires a subscription to take advantage of its personalized training but allows us to perform an initial cognitive assessment and play a small selection of games. If we pay your subscription we will find a great selection of exercises to try to improve our memory, attention, concentration, reasoning, planning, mental agility and coordination.

CogniFit – Test and Games

Developer: CogniFit Inc Download from: Google Play Price: Free with in-app purchases Category: Education

train your brain

With the name of Train your brain or Train your brain, we find a fun application that will stimulate different cognitive abilities through its fun puzzles and mini-games. Its free version allows us to play a small selection of games. To unlock the full application you will have to pay 7.49 euros or subscribe to Google Play Pass.

train your brain

Developer: Senior Games Download from: Google Play Price: Free with in-app purchases Category: Education

more intelligent

If we subscribe to Google Play Pass, we can also play Smarter without advertising and without purchase. This puzzle app will also test and try to improve our skills and abilities through nine categories. It also has a free version and a paid version which for 10.99 euros unlocks all levels.

Smarter – Brain Exercise