Berlin (dpa) – It wasn’t just a big deal for Heike Makatsch. In the early 1990s, the Viva music channel started out with their brave and screaming mess. Makatsch started as a presenter and now works as an actress. She will be 50 on Friday August 13.

Former teens who turned on the television after school grew up with Makatsch. I heard their interviews and hoped for their advice. “Everyone was watching the same thing at the same time,” Makatsch said, according to “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” in the fall of 2020. “It seems anachronistic today. Everyone is looking at their stuff on their smartphone – I guess! “

As Viva’s success ran out of steam at one point, and a piece of television history finally came to an end when the station was shut down, Makatsch worked hard. She played the stubborn and convincing singer Hildegard Knef. Or sung and danced some time ago in the musical film “I’ve never been to New York” to the music of Udo Juergens.

And wait a minute, there’s also “Indeed… love”. A film-episode that a lot of people re-release regularly at Christmas. Various stories of London are told. Makatsch plays the beautiful Mia who wants to seduce her boss (“Harry Potter” star Alan Rickman). Anyone who knows the movie knows that it all ends with a sad scene for the woman.

Makatsch sometimes shares snippets from the past on Instagram. An old clip with author and presenter Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre, for example. In it, the audience has to guess songs – “Congratulations, Heike brings the champagne”. Or she posts photos from today, while she’s on the road to the “Fridays for Future” event and photo ops or fundraising appeals for refugees.

“So many lives fit together in one life. I often think it was a completely different person who did what I did when I was 20 ”, said Makatsch in an interview with the“ Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger ”. Born in Düsseldorf, Makatsch tried his hand at school after graduating from high school, dropped out and began an apprenticeship as a tailor. Then he landed on Viva and later on “Bravo TV”.

If you read the reports from that time, it looks like a new species was invented along with her and other women of that time. The girl”. “But as the little girl was declared a non-person at record speed, Heike Makatsch was suddenly in demand,” wrote the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” in 1996. In just under two years, Makatsch had “become everyone’s favorite woman. “,” a kind of Jürgen Klinsmann woman “. The “Spiegel” discovered that she had what it took to become the “Goldie Hawn of German cinema”.

But it is such a thing with comparisons. At the time, Makatsch had just shot his first big film with “Männerpension”. For this she won a Bavarian Film Prize. Many films followed. For example, the adaptation of the novel “The heads of my relatives” and the blockbuster “Resident Evil”. In the meantime, she was living in London. For a while she was with actor Daniel Craig (“James Bond”). Today she lives with her family in Berlin.

When Makatsch appears in public, cameras follow her very reliably to this day. An interview does not work for reasons of time, according to management. So let’s try an older quote again. Makatsch said something to the “Tagesspiegel” in 2018 that can still be written well and sensibly on Post-its. Makatsch did not want the recklessness of the time to return, he said in the text. “You learn over the years, and learning also means: to lose something,” she said. “You lose some form of naivety. But you gain a more decisive and mindful approach to things. “