Nobody expected it: Star director Kirill Serebrennikow was allowed to leave Russia after a four-year travel ban and is currently rehearsing his play at Hamburg’s Thalia.


Russian star director Kirill Serebrennikow surprisingly arrived at rehearsals at Hamburg’s Thalia Theater. The Thalia Theater announced Monday.

Behind him, a strict travel ban for more than four years and numerous productions via zoom and video throughout Europe. Since Monday, he has been conducting rehearsals for his production of Chekhov’s tale “The Black Monk” at the Thalia Theater.

He is finally allowed to return abroad

Serebrennikov was arrested and placed under house arrest in the summer of 2017. The prison camp required by the prosecution for alleged embezzlement has been converted to a three-year suspended sentence with a ban on leaving Russia during the trial in l summer 2020. Now, very suddenly, he was given permission to work in Hamburg, it has been said.

According to the theater, Serebrennikov said upon arrival at Hamburg airport: “I am very, very happy and happy that Hamburg is the first European city in which I can work again after four and a half years! Because it’s also the last city I was in before. it feels good ! This is a good sign and certainly not a coincidence! “

The premiere is January 22

Thalia Director Joachim Lux said: “I am very happy to welcome Kirill Serebrennikow to Hamburg. It is an encouragement for the idea of ​​freedom and an encouragement for art too. ”He hardly knows any other artist who burns and lives with such philanthropy, inner independence and uncompromising for the freedom of the ‘art.

Rehearsals of the international production with Russian, German, American, Armenian and Latvian artists began on November 8 in Moscow and have continued in Hamburg since January 4. The premiere as part of Lessingtage is scheduled for January 22. After the premiere, Serebrennikov will return to Moscow for an international film. (dpa)